Specialities: narrative therapy, schema therapy, humanistic therapy, CBT, LGBTQ+ identity development and affirmation, counseling polyamorous clients, eating disorders, depressive/anxiety disorders, burnout, expat counseling, Psychological First Aid.

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.

Mariya Shcherbinina got her M. A. in Psychology with an Emphasis in Counseling from Webster University, Leiden. She received her B. A. in Psychology and Communication from Saint Louis University, Madrid. She is currently working toward a Ph. D. at Leiden University.

She worked as a volunteer for Leiden University Pride, a non-profit organization for LGBTQ+ students in Leiden, The Netherlands. She also recently co-authored a paper on counseling LGBTQ+ clients and is the co-host of BiPositive, a podcast on the psychological experiences of bisexual and queer people.

Mariya did her Master's thesis on the psychological experiences of the collapse of the Soviet Union in Ukraine. She also runs TheBadFoodie, a blog surrounding recovery from and life with anorexia nervosa. 

Affiliations: NIP (#228685), APA International Affiliate (#11608152), PinkTherapy (UK), Rozehulpverlening (The Netherlands), International Therapist Directory (The Netherlands).