Specialties: anxiety and stress disorders, bipolar disorders, dissociation, LGBTQ+ and identity, person-centered therapy, CBT, expat therapy, adjustment. 

Language: English. 

Olivia Brouillette received her M.A in Psychology with an Emphasis in Counseling from Webster University, Leiden. Before moving to the Netherlands, she attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA where she earned a degree in Psychology and Sociology. 

Olivia spent many years assisting with research, primarily related to social psychology focusing on interpersonal relationships, but has soon switched her focus to LGBTQ+ related topics. During her final year at Webster University, Olivia wrote her master’s thesis on Coming Out as LGBTQ+: The subjective experience and its effects on self-esteem, where she analyzed how the initial coming out experience affects an individual later on in life. 

As an American living abroad, Olivia is well-versed in acculturation issues and stress that comes with an international move. Olivia is experienced in LGBTQ+ and identity counseling, LGBTQ+ group counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and person-centered therapy. 

Outside of counseling, Olivia is active in the LGBTQ+ community and also volunteers as the Organizational Psychologist for the World Sustainability Fund, an NGO working to reverse the effects of global warming.