Our Therapists

All of our therapists offer their services in English. Some are bi- and multilingual as well, in case you would like to do therapy in French, Russian, Ukrainian, or Armenian. We are trained and experienced in various techniques – you are sure to find someone suited to your narrative and style with PSYNT.



Specialities: narrative therapy, schema therapy, psychodynamic therapy, CBT, depressive/anxiety disorders, complicated grief, attachment, PTSD, identity issues related to sexual orientation and gender affirmation, expat counseling, couples and polycules counseling. 

Languages: English, French



Specialities: narrative therapy, schema therapy, humanistic therapy, CBT, LGBTQ+ identity development and affirmation, counseling polyamorous clients, eating disorders, depressive/anxiety disorders, burnout, expat counseling.

Languages: English, RussianUkrainian.

Our Associates: Currently Unavailable



Specialties: anxiety and stress disorders, bipolar disorders, dissociation, LGBTQ+ and identity, person-centered therapy, CBT, expat therapy, adjustment. 

Language: English.