Individual Therapy

Don't worry; we won't make you lie down on a couch and talk about your dreams. If that's something that interests you, though, then by all means, we can do that too! The approach we practice is an integration of various schools of thought in psychology, all tailored to our individual clients' needs. Our methods include cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, humanistic therapy, psychodynamic therapy, coaching, DBT, and others. 

We provide individual therapy in person, as well as via Skype / FaceTime / WhatsApp.

Couples / Polycule Therapy

Relationships are a lot of work. Sometimes, they feel like too much work. Sometimes, you might need an outsider's perspective on things. We are here to provide the kind of environment in which effective communication can be established between all parties involved. We work with couples of all genders and sexualities, as well as polyamorous relationships of various configurations.

Group Therapy

If you are more comfortable working in a group, aren't sure whether therapy is for you, or if you aren't prepared to dish out money for individual therapy, we can offer an opportunity to work in a group of people who will have similar issues, similar backgrounds, and similar experiences. We aim to create a welcoming, positive environment in which all group members can grow and self-actualize.